At IMPS, we are dedicated to keeping your child healthy. Please check in for updates and useful information.


    When to Keep your Child Home

    We all know that regular attendance at school is crucial to academic success. However, there are times when it is best to keep your child home in order to let their bodies heal, and also to protect others.

    ​If your child is experiencing any of the following, please keep them home.

    • Temperature of 100.0 or higher

    • Vomiting or diarrhea within the past 24 hours

    • Body rash with itching or fever

    • Redness, itching, and/or "crusty" drainage from eyes

    • Hospital stay and/or ER visit

    Your child may be ready to return to school if:

    • They are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication (ie Tylenol or Motrin)

    • Free from vomiting and/or diarrhea for at least 24 hours

    • Free from rash, itching or fever and has been evaluated by a healthcare professional (if needed)

    • Evaluated by a healthcare professional and on prescribed medication for 24 hours (ie Antibiotics)

    • Released by a healthcare professional to return to school

    Medication Policy Guidelines
    • Medication control form must be completed and signed by parent and physician for a student to be administered medication at school (one form for each medication; new form each year)

    • Medication must be in properly labeled bottle (extras can be obtained from the pharmacy for school use when the prescription is filled) and must be transported to the school nurse by parent/guardian or designated responsible adult.

    • Medication will not be administered when school is dismissed prior to 12:00pm unless prior arrangements are made by parent or guardian.

    Students are not to carry and/or administer ANY medication (prescription or over the counter) at school except the following:

    An inhaler, epinephrine auto injector (EpiPen) or other emergency medications, when the following conditions are met:

    • Completed Medication Control Form (new each school year) is signed and completed by parent and physician

    • It is noted on the form that the student will carry and self-administer the medication

    Please contact IMPS Nurses Kathleen Brooks or Rachel Hautamaki (906-779-2626, 906-779-2610)

    Kindergarten Immunization Information

    Immunization shots, or vaccinations, protect us against diseases like measles, mumps, rubella, polio, hepatitis, diphtheria, pertussis (whooping cough), and chicken pox.

    School Immunization information requirements:

    • 4 Doses of DTP (one does must be on or after 4 years of age

    • 4 Doses of Polio (if dose 3 is administered on or after 4 years of age, only 3 doses are required)

    • 2 Doses of MMR

    • 3 Doses of Hepatitis B

    • 2 Doses of Varicella (Chickenpox)

    Immunization waivers can be obtained at the Dickinson Iron District Health Department. Please call (906) 774-1868 to set up an appointment. Please note that the original waiver must be turned in to the school office.

    ​Student records are reviewed in EK/K and 7th grade and if/when enrolled in a new district. Your cooperation to ensure updated information for your child is greatly appreciated.

    11-12 Year Old Immunization Information


    Meningococcal immunization

    Dickinson-Iron District Health Department

    **(**As of April 18, 2024)

    Iron County

    1374 Commercial Avenue, Crystal Falls, MI  49920 

    Phone: 906-265-9913   Fax: 906-874-2950

    Dickinson County

    818 Pyle Drive, Kingsford, MI  49802

    Phone: 906-774-1868   Fax: 906-774-9910

    Concussion Awareness


Smiles on Wheels graphic
Smiles on Wheels

Good oral health is important to help children be healthy and ready to learn, and the purpose of this screening is to make sure your child does not have any dental problems that would prevent them from doing well in school. Tooth decay is the most common chronic illness in children. Dental problems can cause pain and make it difficult for children to eat, speak, and sleep, all of which may prevent them from reaching their full learning potential.

Nurse Rachel in front of HS building
Meet Nurse Rachel!

Nurse Rachel Hautamaki, RN

​My name is Rachel Hautamaki and I am a school nurse at Iron Mountain Public Schools
I graduated from Northern Michigan University as an RN.  I’ve worked in hospital, clinic and, most recently, as a school nurse with Breitung Township Schools.  I enjoy reading, running and travel.  I also like trying to keep up with my husband and three boys on mountain bike trails.
Please feel free to contact me regarding any and all health and wellness needs! I can be reached anytime via email: and via phone at 906-779-2610 or 906-779-2626.
Please don't hesitate to reach out at any time!
Rachel Hautamaki, RN

Iron Mountain Public Schools- District Nurse

Nurse Cookie in front of HS building
Meet Nurse Cookie!

Nurse Kathleen "Cookie" Brooks

My name is Kathleen Brooks, otherwise known as “Nurse Cookie” and I am one of two of the school nurses at Iron Mountain Public Schools. I have been a nurse for over 26 years and joined the Iron Mountain team last fall for the 2020-2021 year. I was educated at Montana State University,  the University of Utah, and Northern Alabama University graduating with a Biomedical Science degree and a Bachelor's degree in Nursing followed by a few years of postgraduate study. It is my privilege to work with the compassionate and caring staff and families within the Iron Mountain School District
My husband, Steve and I have four adult children that grew up in Iron Mountain and graduated from Iron Mountain Public schools. All four are working and studying at various Michigan institutions. In the evenings Steve and I can often be seen walking our black & white dog around town. In the winter we both teach ski lessons at Pine Mountain for the ski school and for the Moving Mountains adaptive program. We also enjoy traveling together to see family and being involved in our church
I am continually seeking ways to connect with and serve the students of Iron Mountain. Please know that I am available to your children if they need support with health-related issues. I am also available to parents and staff who have questions or concerns. My tentative schedule is posted below. Please be aware that this schedule is flexible depending upon the daily needs of the school and the students. My overall goal is to enhance your child’s educational experience through improved health and personal empowerment.
Please feel free to contact me
Kathleen Brooks
High School
9:45am-12:15pm M,T,W,F
(906) 779-2610 ext 430
North Elementary
12:20-2:45pm M,T,W,F
(906)779-2626 ext 4813