Iron Mountain Public Schools has 4 School Board Seats that will expire December 31, 2024 and will be seeking for elections on the upcoming November 5, 2024 regular school election ballot. 

The open seats are as follows: 

- 4 year term Jan 1, 2025 - Dec 31, 2028 

- 4 year term Jan 1, 2025 - Dec 31, 2028 

- 4 year term Jan 1, 2025 - Dec 31, 2028 

- 2 year term Jan 1, 2025 - Dec 31, 2026

The deadline for nominations is 4:00pm on Tuesday, July 23, 2024. For more detailed instructions and guidance on how to become a School Board Member please click on the following link or go to and click on "Become a Voice for Michigan Students." 


    Running for School Board

    Individuals who are interested in running for a School Board position will need to contact the Iron Mountain Public Schools Superintendent's Office, if you meet the qualifications for School Board Member. The Superintendent's Office will provide more detailed information. 

    The Superintendent’s office will know the following information:

    • Number of board positions to be elected
    • If the positions are partial term or full term
    • Length of terms: Two year, four year.
    How to File

    All forms are available  and must be filed at the City of Iron Mountain Clerk/Treasurer's office in the Iron Mountain City Hall building located at 501 S. Stephenson Ave. 

    What forms are required to file:

    • School Board Candidates Affidavit of Identity and Receipt of Filing Form

    • Statement of Organization Form for Candidate / Committee (Campaign Finance Form

      • Submitted by:

        • Candidates in districts where the student population is over 2,400.
        • Candidates who spend or receive more than $1,000 in contributions.
    • School nominating petition form with required signatures 


    • Candidates seeking a school board position may file a $100.00 nonrefundable fee in lieu of a petition.


Tips for a Successful Campaign
Tips for a Successful Campaign
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So, you want to be a school board member?