The Scholarship Program

OVER TEN MILLION DOLLARS in local scholarships have been awarded to IMHS graduates since the inception of our program!

  • We are proud to announce that Iron Mountain High School has hit a Milestone. OVER TEN MILLION DOLLARS in local scholarships have been awarded to IMHS graduates since the inception of our program!

  • We currently have $5,578,058 of assets under the control of the Iron Mountain Scholarship Bd. of Trustees. This money is for the sole purpose of producing scholarships for graduating seniors of Iron Mountain High School. There are 68 scholarships that fall under the Bd. of Trustee’s control. Donors also fund several scholarships annually.

  • We have scholarships for: art, business, education, engineering, general, healthcare, technical and several miscellaneous majors of study. Our scholarship program supports the traditional four-year college/university student, as well as non-traditional students who may be entering the trade fields, either in a certificate program, associate degree or apprenticeship.

  • Since it’s inception in the 2003 school year, $738,500 in Richard W. Carlson Memorial Scholarships have been awarded to deserving graduates of Iron Mountain High School. This is only one of our funds!

  • The General Scholarship is unique in that monetary contributions of any amount can be donated to this fund. The scholarship fund, which was first awarded in 1990, has assisted over 120 graduating seniors with a total of $318,600.

  • New for the Class of 2021, the J. Robert and Kathleen Rochon Memorial Scholarship has been established by the children who so generously contributed $50,000 to honor their parents. The scholarship is designated for a graduate who will pursue an education degree at an accredited four-year university of their choice.

  • Historically, 50% of graduates receive some type of monetary scholarship!


    Round 1 Scholarships (Due March 1)

    • Allen Scholarship

    • Bianchetti Scholarship

    • Bodelin Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    • Brynelson Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    • Carlson Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    • Cochran Scholarship (also 2yr)

    • Flanagan Scholarship

    • General Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    • Jackson Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    • Jafolla Scholarship

    • Johnson Scholarship

    • Robbins Scholarship (female@NMU)

    • Rushford Scholarship

    • Spencer Scholarship (also 2yr/other)

    Applications below are paper versions DUE MAR 1:

    • Rolando Scholarship (need-based @ NMU)

    Round 2 Scholarships (Due March 7)
    • Clemo Scholarship (business; less than 4yr also)

    • Fleury Scholarship (accounting/finance)

    • Bert Harvey Scholarship (business)

    • Gunville Scholarship (math-based; 2yr also)

    Applications below are paper versions DUE MAR 7:

    • Magee Johnson Scholarship (art/others)

    • Izzo-Mariucci Scholarship (college athlete)

    • Perino Scholarship (fine/p. arts)

    • Sons of American Legion (C. justice/law, etc)

    • American Legion Auxiliary (choice)

    • Bertoldi Scholarship (business/acctg; 2yr also)

    • IM-K Credit Union (choice; 2yr/other)

    • Anne Look Scholarship (education) Due 3/1

    • Golden K Scholarship (choice)

    • IM-K Rotary Scholarship (choice)

    • Richard Debelak (various majors)

    • Newberg Scholarship(engin/constr) Due 3/1

    • CDF Youth Comm. Service (volunteerism)

    • Caviani Scholarship (music)

    • Hagerup Scholarship (nursing) Due 3/1

    • James Petroff (public service/various majors)

    • Nurses Memorial (nursing)

    • Liu Spirtas (business or industry)

    • Peterson Eagle Scout(Eagle Scout Rank)

    • Waves (swim team)

    • Ed Koerschner (Trades)

    • Larry Juul Memorial (automotive)

    Round 3 Scholarships (Due April 12)

    • Bacco Scholarship (engineering/architecture)

    • Hoyle Scholarship (engineering @ MTU)

    • Guild Scholarship (education)

    • Kathleen Harry Scholarship (music/education)

    • Perine Scholarship (educ/English)

    • Horwitz Scholarship (education)

    • Rochon Scholarship (education)

    • Rigoni Scholarship (educ @ NMU priority)

    • Raffin Scholarship (technical)

    • Chuck Erickson Scholarship (technical)

    • Cochran “Skilled Trades” Scholarship

    • Rizzardi Vocational/Technical

    Applications below are paper versions DUE April 12:

    • MJ Electric (various)

    • Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship (education)

    • Bianco Mem. Scholarship

    • Hofer Scholarship (educ/others)

    • Lions Club (choice; 2yr also)

    • Spigarelli Scholarship (math/science)

    • Rudy Ganga Scholarship (various)

    • Walter H. Strand Memorial (choice in MICH)

    • Peter E. Flaminio Memorial (various)

    • Danielson Insurance Scholarship (2/4yr in MICH)

    • Gilley Scholarship (various)

    Round 4 Scholarships (Due April 18)

    • Peterson Scholarship (2 or 4yr healthcare)

    • Hammel-Delangis Scholarship (healthcare)

    • H. Spigarelli Scholarship (nursing in Michigan)

    • Pucci Scholarship (healthcare)

    • Rapaich Family Scholarship (rehab healthcare)

    Applications below are paper versions DUE APR 18:

    • MacDonald Scholarship (soc. Science)

    • Olson Scholarship (volunteerism; 2yr also)

    • Miller Scholarship (Univ. of Michigan)

    • UP Whitetail Scholarship (various)

    • Palluconi Scholarship (choice; 2yr. also)

    • P. Robbins Scholarship (various @ MSU)

    • Pozza Scholarship (Univ. of Mich; CMU or MSU)

    • Cerasoli Family Scholarship (males @ Bay)

    • Cavaiani Scholarship (medical; 2 yr also)

    • Iron Mountain PTO Scholarship (field of choice)

    • Gordon Scholarship

    Outside Scholarships (Due dates TBA)

    AAUW Scholarship

    AAUW Hoeffler Scholarship

    Antique Car Club (nominated by voc teacher)

    Dickinson Area Chamber Alliance

    Dickinson Cty. War Veterans Scholarship

    Friends of Education Scholarship

    Michigan Elks Gold Key

    John P. Oros

    Key Club

    Klungness Scholarship to Albion College

    Klungness Scholarship to MTU

    Lions District #10

    Manko-Lusardi Scholarship

    North Land Women for Education Scholarship

    Professional Women in Building

    Dorothy Occhietti Vocational Scholarship

    40 & 8 Nurses Training Scholarship

    Tortelli (Bishop Baraga)

    UP Home Builders

    The General Scholarship

    The Iron Mountain High School graduating Class of 2022 was the 33rd class to be awarded scholarships made possible through the General Scholarship Fund. Who knew this fund that was established in 1988, and first awarded in 1990, would grow to what it has today. To date, over $318,600 has been awarded to IMHS graduates! What is to unique about the General Scholarship Fund, it that any amount of money can be donated to it, large or small and does make a difference. These scholarship awards would never be possible without the support from individuals who have contributed on behalf of their class, parents. siblings, teachers, friends, or even a life event. Donations of $100 or more are recognized on engraved display plaques, which are on our General Scholarship Wall, located on the main floor of the Iron Mountain High School.

    If you are interested in making a tax deductible contribution as a graduating class, as an individual to honor or memorialize someone, or as a general donation to this fund, please contact the Scholarship Administrator at IMHS 779-2610, ext. 4318 or email

    Donations can be delivered in person or mailed to:

    Scholarship Administrator Iron Mountain High School 300 West B Street Iron Mountain, MI 49801

    If you are interested in donating to the General Scholarship, please click here!

Scholarship News

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